Seed Potatoes

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Seed potatoes are one sale from early January to the end of April.

Whether you want large ones for baking or fashionable tiny ready to eat salad ones, the potato still rules in the kitchen! They're easy to grow and they're nutritious, being full of vitamins C and D. A portion of new potatoes contains more Vitamin C than 2 apples. A baked potato in it's skin contains more fibre than two slices of wholemeal bread!

We stock a large range of seed potatoes with deliveries arriving every week during January and February.

  • Advantages of growing your own potatoes...
  • There is a far wider range of varieties available to the gardener than are available ready grown in the shops. This is because commercial potatoes must be disease resistant, produce a good yield, be uniform in size for packaging and be attractive - which means many varieties are not considered suitable for mass production. The result can be rather boring compared to the extensive range of tastier more succulent home grown potatoes!
  • Growing your own potatoes means you can be harvesting and eating the first of the crop while prices are still high in the shops.
  • By growing your own potatoes you can be certain which pesticides have been used on them - the choice is yours! Freshness guaranteed - you can harvest and eat on the same day.